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Five Questions with Catherine Osborne

Benjamin J. Wetzel

The Cushwa Center is pleased to celebrate a book publication by one of our former fellows (and former RiAH blogger), Catherine R. Osborne, who is now visiting assistant professor in the department of theological studies at Loyola Marymount University. American Catholics and the Church of Tomorrow: Building Churches for the Future, 1925-1975 was published in April by the University of Chicago Press.  I recently asked Catherine to elaborate more on her work.

BW: Briefly, what is the book about and what are its major claims?

CO: When I was working on the book and people asked me what it was about, I had five or six answers of varying lengths, depending on how interested I thought they actually were.  The three-word answer is "Catholic modernist architecture," but that's not really true.  First of all, it's not about architecture, exactly.  It's an intellectual and cultural history of mid-20th century approaches to Catholic worship space (which inclu…

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